About Us

Translation & Language is a systematic internet catalogue of resources and contacts, both online and in printed form, for people interested in language and translation related subjects. The information collected in this web site is not only geared for an English speaking audience, but also for French, German and Italian persons, thus insuring that most people in Europe, Africa, Australia as well as South and North American find this site usefull.

Translation & Language was created in 2004, in order to provide a catalogue interesting to a large multilanguage audience. This seemed appropriate in view of the rapid increase of members in the European Union and the need for large numbers of persons, not only in English speaking countries, but also in other countries in Europe, to access resources for translation or language related purposes.

Bruce Macfarlane is the main person connected to this project and is solely responsible for all web design, content, updates, graphics, etc.

Should you wish to suggest a new site, please contact us by e-mail at